Thursday, January 24, 2008

Janders Dean Update

Hello all - how is your 2008 going?

After finishing some wonderful projects with our (even more wonderful) clients, Janders Dean is going to take some of our own advice and finally take a well deserved break. Don't panic, we'll catch up again soon.

Enjoy your February friends!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Blake Dawson Shortlisted for Legal Technology Awards (UK)

Congratulations are due to the team at Australian client Blake Dawson after it was announced that they have been shortlisted in two categories ("Commoditised legal service of the year" and "Training initiative of the year") at the annual Legal Technology Awards to be held later this month in London.

Janders Dean are privileged to currently be working with some of the senior management at Blake Dawson, and can confidently note from our experience with them, that the firm is indeed deserving of this recognition - especially in the areas of legal technology and knowledge management innovation and thought leadership. We wish them all the best in the coming weeks as the event draws closer.

A full list of the award categories and shortlist can be found

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Friday's Cocktail Leadership

It's time to play the music. It's time to light the lights. Its time to fly the fly spray...on floor 37 tonight. What a cracking year 2007 was...and we've had an equally cracking start to 2008!!

First up as always - how are you? Happy to be back at work? Tired from shopping? Did you get a sparkly new frock and a pair of Jimmy's? Glad it is Friday and you have some time to escape and read some cheeky gibberish from Janders Dean? are some useless facts from us for you to share at cocktails tonight:

1. For those of you who are nervous flyers, we've discovered that there are over six million parts in a Boeing 747-700. How many of these (or maybe just one?) do you think would need to be faulty in order for the plane to cr.....whoops....

2. The largest diamond ever found was 3,106 carots. The first were found over 4,000 years ago in the Golconda region of India. What else...ummmm....oh, we know...

3. After much debate here we've discovered that the first domain name ever registered was

By the way...seriously need to let some things go...people are laughing at you.
Here is why (and here). Need more?

Well, the song we are currently listening to would be known to those younger kids as the soundtrack to
this ad. The latest article we have (re)read is The Kingmaker. We've also been following Chad's story and eating too much sugar (but no peppermint frogs this year - no food parcels at all - none - zip). We also dig Tonka.

For those boring ones out there who like to talk about work on a Friday, here is something for you.

While we were all in the festive mood over December and January, the software vendors were busy finding things to do. LexisNexis moved to purchase
Redwood Analytics (the business intelligence specialists), and as we all are aware, "the other bunch" have been after Redwood for numerous years as a way to strengthen their "stretched" practice management BI offering. This may turn into a nice little move for LexisNexis if the next generation of Redwood Analytics turns out to be as good as the plans we've seen. As posted previously, LexisNexis also placed chips on the table for the Asia Pacific small firm practice management organisation Locus. The war chest has obviously not had the surface scratched yet, as two more acquisitions (not in the practice management space) are expected in the coming months.

Other consolidation moves included Microsoft making a pitch for the enterprise search vendor FAST (
reported earlier this month), Solcara (another enterprise search vendor with less of a footprint) being taken by ArgentVive, and Seagate snapping up e-Discovery leader Metalincs.

On the enterprise search front,
Recommind have had a cracking year end in the UK with a number of major law firm signings (most of which are expected in the press soon). Our pals at Simmons & Simmons (Hi Fitchy!) are one of these. This further strengthens Recommind's standing in the market.

Traditional names such as Aderant, Axxia,
BigHand and Interwoven all had wins across the globe at the end of 2007, whereas some of the more traditional "big name" vendors apparently had a less than joyous year. We've sent them all a copy of the Big Issue just to make ourselves smile.

The continued innovation of Gilbert+Tobin was demonstrated in the BigHand
story. Speaking of our friends at Gilbert+Tobin - five weeks to go people!!

Outside of vendor land, other individuals have had busy festive breaks including our friends Tommy "I didn't start the LA fires" Baldwin who leaves Sheppard Mullen to join Reed Smith as their new global head of knowledge management, the wiki wizard Matthew Parsons who starts a new adventure in 2008, and also Sally "Guru" Gonzalez who does the same. We'll see a majority of you in New York later this year and toast your success. Speaking of New York....we like comfortable T-shirts.

Enough of the work related spam, and back to the other stuff.

Because we love our clients, this Friday we say happy birthday to the merry Mrs Meek and to Cathy (my surf life saving club is better than your surf life saving club) from G+T. We also say hello to Tiger Frketic because he always feels left out.

A 6:50am g'day to Tony "I have a new toy" B (Janders Dean's local ice, tonic and lime supplier).

Best wishes to Wildfire O'Reily from
LDM in London who joined us for drinks while in Sydney this week, hello to Jeremy H and Jason H in London, and "thanks" to Chris at Ashurst. Congrats to Kate on the birth of mini-wiki and welcome back to work! Have we missed anyone?

We must run away now - the early Eurostar to Paris is warming up. Have wonderful weekends everyone. Take off your shoes and socks for the rest of the afternoon and find some grass to walk across. Seriously. Why not? We plan don't know what you're missing. We promise to (help) lead your cocktails in 2008 if you do.

Now wasn't that the ...[dramatic pause]... most sensational, inspirational, celebrational, muppetational...back to work please!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Enterprise Search - Microsoft Bids $1.2 Billion US for FAST

A few little birds were quick on the draw to highlight this piece of news in the enterprise search market. It is less likely to impact those few law firms around the globe who have (or are currently piloting) the FAST product as an Enterprise Search engine, and is of more interest to those who are interested in Microsoft's Sharepoint solution strategy.

More analysis to come as further news comes out.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A New Year at Janders Dean

Welcome to a wonderful 2008 - what were your resolutions? Our resolution is to wear more fancy pants. We will see you all very soon as the festive season comes to a close and you all start back at work (excited by that prospect?).....