Tuesday, June 14, 2011

(Better) Matter Management Migrates to Australia

We've been taking a little look at the shifting market in Matter Management in Australia while in town, and it appears that FWBS's MatterCentre solution has gained more and more attention in the past three months with new clients such as Slater & Gordon, McCabe Terrill and Moray & Agnew jumping on to the new arrival.

While the other legacy vendors such as such as Caseflow and Visualfiles appear to be asleep on a beach somewhere, FWBS seem to be becoming the system of choice for firms looking to move away from older case management and document assembly systems.

The most powerful message to date which would indicate their chances of future market domination in APAC (apart from the amazing Silverlight based navigation and the very cool iPad/iPhone integration within the product) is the fact that FWBS have planted resources directly in the region to sell and support.

We're predicting big things in APAC for enhanced matter management, and we expect that some of the older and less flexible case management vendors will start to hurt as they leave the region in the hands of resellers who have either fallen asleep counting their recurring maintenance revenues, are powerless to dictate the direction of the actual product, and/or who very rarely understand the market they are actually selling to.