Friday, August 28, 2009

ILTA Awards - SharePoint Innovator of the Year 2009

Congratulations to the team at ReedSmith who last night won the "SharePoint Innovator of the Year 2009" for their ouRSpace Intranet design and implementation project.

Using an innovative blend of leading edge SharePoint integrated technologies including XMLaw and Recommind to realise their unique Intranet design, Tom Baldwin and the entire project team (including Lisa Gianakos from ReedSmith, Don Martinis and Amy Oster and the team from XMLaw) have produced an intuitive application which has become an essential and invaluable daily interface across the 3,200 global user community at ReedSmith.

Janders Dean was fortunate and privileged to be asked to be involved with the ouRSpace project, assisting with the initial global user behaviour analysis and design phases - however it is the vision and leadership of the ReedSmith team during the full project, combined with the innovation and collaboration of the technology vendors, which has taken the team to this well deserved win.