Sunday, December 7, 2008

Massive Attack - Aderant Wins Crucial First Battle

Official news in today from Aderant (press release here) that they have won the first major battle for control over the next generation of ERP software within the Australian firm market.

Analysts have long suggested that the first one to make the move away from the legacy Keystone software would set the trend for the remaining major sites in the region - time will tell. There are over 10,000 potential users just across the major firms only in the Australian market, making it the next most critical segment outside of the UK and the US for these vendors.

The news will no doubt be a significant blow to the competition and a sign both that the market may no longer be prepared to take risks in uncharted waters, and that continued delays to securing a live flagship site of significant size and international presence is equally damaging.
It is also a telling signal of confidence in Aderant's recent ownership changes by the market.