Sunday, September 2, 2007

Enterprise Search - London Calling for Janders Dean

Experts from Janders Dean International recently gathered in London in order to review the current trends within leading London law firms - specifically in the area of Enterprise Search product maturity and vendor selection.

With a number of large international firms currently undertaking early selection analysis, it has been a long hard summer for some vendors, with some not likely to survive the harsh winter that is blowing in fast; however a clear leader appears to be emerging within the mid-sized firms.

The primary issue with the Enterprise Search vendors (with the exception of one notable organisation) is their clear lack of understanding of law firm processes, lawyer search and retrieval behaviours and expectations, and just how much or how little each firm (based on practice areas, size, geographic locations, knowledge management maturity, etc) actually require their product (or not).

The vendor who stops selling today, in order to make an investment in understanding the above, has the potential to be a clear leader in the market place tomorrow, with a better design and value proposition to assist with their market penetration. Note to vendors - if your sales team walks into the law firm without an understanding of the practice of law in a variety of areas and regions, prepare for them to return without a contract.

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