Thursday, February 21, 2008

Friday (Mourning) Cocktail Leadership

No, it is not a typo...

Hello all. Friday's Cocktail Leadership is making a special guest return since our recent break. This is of course due to your constant emails asking questions about where we are and where the Friday Cocktail Leadership postings have gone. We told you before that we were taking a break after a busy six months, and (having reluctantly returned), we feel like another is in order.

Since our return from London we have been busy working with our friends at Gilbert+Tobin as they successfully complete their major document management and matter centric upgrade. Well done to the team and the entire firm on such a great project. We were proud and privileged to work with you in the past few months. You should be more chuffed with how well you all worked on this massive initiative.

We could regale you with tales of our trip, the places we went, the people we met with, the topics we covered, the applications we saw, the cheese we never baked, the stylish jackets we bought, the chicken that never cooked, Jimmy's gold tassles, and the odd smack in the nose...just not today if that is OK with you all.

We've collated some interesting law firm management, technology, and knowledge management links and articles which we will share in the coming weeks, and we'll also news about our upcoming Knowledge Management University (KMU) conference series...just not today.

We could also share some cute links with you as we normally do each Friday so as to lighten your mood...but again, just not today.

The sun is setting on the week and we have a date with a KitKat, an avocado, and the lyrics to one of the best B-sides we've discovered this last week (which of course will no doubt result in "a fall that breaks this very smug mug of mine"...).

So really it is just a quick 'hello' to you all as we close our eyes on another week and concentrate on the clip clop which plays constantly in our heads. Enjoy the sunshine you tiny sparkle people, and live the life you imagined this weekend.

Douse the houselights...

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