Monday, June 1, 2009

Latest on Allen & Overy 3E Implementation

As the A&O team continue towards assessing the go-live of their London and international finance departments from last weekend, we are expecting Thomson Elite to undertake a massive press drive on the opening day of the 2009 Thomson Elite User Conference (June 9th -11th) with the news about the go-live.

Interestingly, we understand that the firm (in an effort to reduce the visible change impact on users) will not be using the native time recording features of the 3E product in favour of an integration with the firm's existing Carpe Diem fee earner facing application.

The agenda information for the Elite conference states that Allen & Overy and Baker Robbins & Company will co-present the custom billing workflow used within 3E to improve the firm’s billing process. Although the speakers are not listed yet, hopefully Peter Kelly, Sonnie Yoon, Craig Rimby or Nathan Bowie from Baker Robbins are there to present this. In collaboration with the BRCo technical developers in London such as Jeff Correll, this group is by far and away the most impressive (and now subsequently battle scarred) team of third party 3E experts assembled.

The presentation will begin with a study of the methodology used to define the specifications and justification for the custom workflow. Next, the session will focus on the approach and lessons learned in building the workflow using the 3E IDE. Finally, the session will discuss the piloting, training and
deployment of the workflow along with early results....might be a wee bit early for 'early results' though given the timeline at the firm.

The conference should be a useful forum, and delegates should have easy access to Elite personnel given that numbers will understandably be well down on previous years.

Best wishes to the BRCo boys and girls who have worked hard with the A&O team to make this project happen, and to the firm as they edge one step closer to being truly live.

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