Wednesday, September 23, 2009

SharePoint 2010 - Three Wise Men

A few sneak peeks at Microsoft SharePoint 2010 enhancements have been doing the rounds since July, with this site showing three videos from the perspective of the three wise men at Microsoft.

The majority of new information on 2010 will be held back by the team at Microsoft until the
SharePoint Conference which is to be held in Las Vegas in October (19th-22nd).

Those currently playing with MOSS 2007 should expect (and be warned) about new terminology which will come with the 2010 stack. Those who get sent the sales materials should expect an updated version of the
2007 SharePoint Wheel.

Let's get excited by the fact that terms such as Sites, Communities, Content, Insights, and Composites will replace the existing 2007 wheel's terms of Business Intelligence, Collaboration, Portal, Search, Content Management, and Business Forms - with "Search" being the only area on the
2010 wheel that remains from the 2007 version.

Craig Roth has a great review of the videos and his take on the best enhancements
here which is well worth a read.

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