Wednesday, April 28, 2010

DataCert Launch Passport

One for the in-house legal teams and General Counsel to take note of. DataCert today announced the upcoming release of Passport, its new patent-pending platform for legal departments. Keep up to date and get a peek at the future on offer here.

Jim Tallman (president and chief executive officer of DataCert) says that "Passport is the culmination of more than 18 months of collaboration with our clients from both the corporate legal and law firm markets and they have been instrumental in providing development input, guidance, and testing of Passport throughout the process."

"The reaction has been incredible. Clients are telling us that Passport is truly game-changing in the way they will implement legal solutions and is entirely different from anything else in the market today. The possibilities it presents for them to consolidate, integrate, and evolve their portfolio of legal applications, without requiring the traditional programming and technical staff, change the way they will buy solutions. We already have legal software vendors re-building their applications on Passport because of the ability to plug and play within a large solution offering and the value proposition to our mutual clients."

Janders Dean had a secret taste of Passport in London recently, and we would agree that there is the potential there for this to be game changing.

Full details in the press release


craftman said...

I'm not sure that the background to this information is correct. We have been using Lawtrac since 2001 and it has always been a one-application-does-all solution for us (matters, documents, invoices, budgeting, more). We did not have to hire a programmer to work with any 'toolkit' or anything like that. I really believe this whole text is fluff which is a disservice to the internet - like SPAM email.

Janders Dean Leadership Blog said...

Thanks Craftman. If you would like to leave your name and/or the inhouse team that you represent, then perhaps we can have a valued exchange on the issue (unless you represent a vendor rather than an inhouse team of course). Over to you.