Wednesday, July 21, 2010

(Finally) Confirmed: Blake Dawson Move to Elite 3E

As eluded to in early May this year (see here) news has finally hit the press regarding one of Janders Dean's clients Blake Dawson and their commitment to the Elite 3E platform.

The formal press release out today from Thomson Reuters states that Blake Dawson is "the largest firm in the region to partner with Elite to upgrade its technology platform and enhance internal processes".

That makes the score 1-1 when it comes to Keystone legacy swap outs at the very top end of the APAC market (Allen Arthur Robinson swapped their Keystone application out for the Aderant upgrade path).

“The level of flexibility and sophistication in 3E gave our entire team the confidence that we were making the right long-term decision and we look forward to successfully implementing the solution across our offices throughout Asia Pacific,” Helen McKenzie (Deputy Managing Partner) stated.

Kim Massana (interim president and general manager of Elite) chimes in to say that "we are pleased to welcome Blake Dawson to the Elite community in Asia Pacific. With the decision by Blake Dawson to select 3E in the region, Elite has clearly reinforced its position as the solution of choice for intelligent law firms everywhere.”

Full press release from the Elite team here.

Best wishes to Chrissy, Larry, Bernadette, and the team at Blake Dawson. We're looking forward to catching up with you all again in August on unrelated cocktail activities!