Monday, August 9, 2010

Law Firm Innovations - Monitoring Money (ReedSmith)

Never far from the words "law firm", "technology", "leadership" and "innovation", you will find the words "ReedSmith" and "Tom Baldwin". This article in Law Technology News is another great example of leadership and innovation from within a law firm (rather than the innovation coming from the outside world of a vendor's R&D team).

We've been fortunate to take an exclusive look into the next phase of the RS portal project, and to hear from Tom on the project's design, objectives and true value add to the firm. It is worth noting that this truly is an innovation, and the design and features are both intuitive and technically brilliant. Moreover, it is real product being used today within the firm, and constantly driving ReedSmith towards greater profits.

Over the past six months we've heard from a variety of vendors (including large combined software/publishing/consulting companies) who are trying to push into this space with nothing but buzz words, vapor and the odd MS PowerPoint screen (or badly produced videos with voice over). What we've seen are poorly designed and thought through concepts with nothing but pretty graphs, not very Engaging at all really - proving that innovation comes from the coal face, from those doing the real daily work, and rarely from those hanging on the sidelines.

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