Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday Cocktail Leadership

Good morning or evening (or both) and Happy February to all.

A special hello to Autonomy's Mr. Hornsby who today is on a course all about safe driving (see you in March). Also a shout out to congratulate Mr. Black of IBM, to wish Jeff and Nat luck in the coming last few weeks of silence before the new baby, to wish Jabba a good trip, and to say Happy New Year to our friends at King & Wood.

Life is spinning fast here at Janders Dean HQ as 2011 gets into full swing. We've been busy working with a number of existing and new clients in both the UK and Australia, and also partnering up with a number of our old friends on some cracking engagements including the guru himself Mr Craig of Baker Robbins and Navigant fame (stand by for news from Tribeca), and the immaculate Mr Mehdi of Ashurst and Clifford Chance fame.

Our time with David of course has led not only to a great new entry into the team at an Australian government regulator's office, but also to him decoding the New York City Starbucks code to replicate the Australian "flat white". For those Australians visiting the US and missing the joys of a good flat white, ensure you ask for a DSNFL (double shot no foam latte) in an "unadvertised" short cup in order to get your fix.

For those who could not make it to New York for Legal Tech, or for those who drowned in the social media flood of tweets, blogs and status updates, there is a solid summary of product and vendor specific news items from the show by Sean Doherty of
here. All in all an adequate show this year, with no real major "market moving" announcements, and once again being dominated by eDiscovery.

Analysis of the show from Inside Legal suggests that 53% of all sessions and tracks contained an eDiscovery related topic and 73% of all educational sessions were sponsored by eDiscovery or litigation support vendors. Moreover, in 2010 there were 96 LegalTech vendors with an eDiscovery/litigation support solution slant compared to 103 vendors in 2011 (representing 43% of all exhibitors).

Many of you would have seen our story
here on Allen & Overy. More news is coming in regarding the move to transfer their support staff to Belfast. The Belfast Telegraph has revealed that Invest NI backed the firm with investment incentives of £2.5 million. See more here.

For some scary reading this weekend, we recommend this
article regarding emails found within JP Morgan which all up highlights the power of e-discovery and the need for corporate litigation readiness strategies.

For some light weekend reading, we recommend this
article from Harvard Business Review on the "Hire for Attitude/Train for Skill" approach - reminds us of a conversation in London held during a long summer's evening in 2010 in the garden of Janders Dean HQ with current Queensland Minter Ellison CEO, past Mallesons alumni, and all round hero to Janders Dean, Mr Andrew Todd. The "hire for intelligence and attitude, train for skills and experience" is a mantra that we see too often ignored or forgotten even by the most senior of managers during the recruitment phase. Thanks to Mallesons' Michelle Mahoney for bringing this one to our attention during our morning TweetDeck review.

A few bits to get you through the weekend. Check out
Battle at Kruger on YouTube (thanks to Dean and the team at BLG for this one). Annoying Fruit (thanks to the Innocent team as always). The new Becasse begins.

We'll see you in London next week and Sydney the week after. Looking forward to seeing everyone at the first of the 2011 Janders Dean "Food for Thought" Breakfast Briefings on the 17th of this month in Sydney (with special thanks to BTP Australia and Lawyers Weekly), and also at the cocktail evening that same week (with special thanks to Michael Boot for pulling it together). Also looking forward to catching up with old friends and new across Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne on this latest roadshow.

Enjoy the weekend team.

Janders Dean.

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