Thursday, March 1, 2012

Asia Pacific Legal Technology Insider

Legal Technology Insider’s new newsletter dedicated to the Asia Pacific legal IT market is now out. Although they have covered APAC news on the famous Orange Rag blog and in the regular newsletters for many years, an edition specifically for the APAC region is now live.

Why now? Because there is just so much happening in the APAC market, both in terms of the legal technology industry and the surrounding legal business environment. As the editor Charles Christian writes in the first of his Christian Uncut columns (see page 3 of the publication - link below) "we are living in interesting times - far from being on the fringes of the legal world, what happens in the APAC region is now starting to shape the future of the North American and UK/European legal markets".

For the record, the definition of Asia Pacific for this publication includes not only Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong but also Japan, China/PRC and India.

The first edition can be found here.


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