Thursday, October 18, 2007

Have you ever hit a nerd?

While we've recently been on the "geeky short guy with glasses" bandwagon discussing the way in which law firms approach innovation in legal practice, and also their approach to the potential adoption of new technologies to enhance the success rate of this legal practice innovation, here is some Friday reading for the nerds who are keeping up to date with Enterprise 2.0 technologies....and particularly those who keep asking us about Sharepoint.

This week Microsoft announced a strategic partnership with the
Confluence wiki platform and the Newsgator RSS application - all designed (in marketing department speak) to enhance the strategic appeal and enterprise social features of the Microsoft Sharepoint portal suite.

Those with experience with the current challenges that many organisations are experiencing with fully realising their enterprise knowledge management and social collaboration objectives with Sharepoint will see this as validation that Sharepoint alone may not (today) necessarily be "enough" (or the one-stop solution so many of you want it to be).

Our tip for the innovators and thought leaders in this space - Lee Bryant, Livio Hughes, and the funky HS team in London.

Now go and do some real work people....

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