Thursday, July 10, 2008

Friday's Cocktail Leadership

Well hello're looking wonderful today for a Friday...yep, it is Friday finally, and you're the best thing on the bus. We had another busy week this week...but we won't complain, as none of you care.

For this week's cocktail leadership, we're not going to bore you with work - who worries about all that at this stage of the week anyway? Why don't we share with you some of our favourite things (just like Julie Andrews did so many years before us)...unlike her we don't like kittens (unless they're tied up with brown paper packages and string..or if they're Tinks).

But we do like the fact that downstairs at The Regent on Liverpool Street there is PacMan....and hours of fun for all cheeky summer drinkers (every hour on the hour). We don't like Freddy Eynsford-Hill but we do love slippers.

We also like The Royal Berkshire Shooting School (bang bang), Liz and Phil, and pig heads.
We like having the Tube map on our iPod ( We like laughing at the lone guy who lined up for 11 hours to be the first person in Australia to own an iPhone (OK, so a few people joined the queue after him, but we think they were just stray British tourist who saw the line and joined it because that is what they do). We like horse number 4 in the 3rd (you pick the location). We also like laughing at people who don't deserve cameras and/or Internet access - where do these people come from?

Oh...and we just love the difference between 105 and 107.

Finally today we'll let you in on three facts (ones that you'll forget by tomorrow - regardless of it you go drinking this evening or not) about recently discovered new species. Yep, new species are being found every day all over the place...
  • Xerocomus silwoodensis is a new species of mushroom that was discovered on Silwood Campus of Imperial College, London. This guy didn't have to go far for his field work did he?!
  • Malo kingi got its name from an American tourist, Robert King, who was stung to death off Queeensland, Australia, by the second known species of the box jellyfish genus Malo. High price to pay.
  • Tecticornia bibenda is called the "Michelin Man" plant and is one of many new species noted during environmental impact studies for mining companies. Mining companies are good for the environment...obviously.

Have great weekends people - remember that Balsamic is for grown ups, and butter is for toast. We'll see you all bright and sparky again on Monday morning.

Cheese (and wine).

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