Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Inmates Are Out Again

One of the developers over at Knowledge Thoughts has a recent blog posting on "getting lawyers to use wikis" even has a graph describing "adoption and trust" which not a single partner on your steering committees will understand.

Now we're not going to get involved in the value proposition argument of Web2.0 technologies in law firms, successes, failures, different approaches, etc - and indeed the posting is an interesting little read between coffees.

However we are a little concerned and surprised that there remains an element of "finding a problem to match the solution" within the technical development communities.
One can best liken it to Coyote from the Roadrunner series running around in mad circles with a cartoon bomb (with the word "WIKI" on it rather than "ACME") trying to find somewhere to put it before it goes out...

Our advice?

There are probably many many many more areas within your Knowledge Management function which require and deserve your attention. They are probably higher priority and provide greater value to your fee earners....shock, horror...some may actually not even involve technologies...

Our advice on identifying these areas?

Don't have developers identify them for you....oh, and read Alan Cooper's text again.

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