Monday, January 18, 2010

SAP Trumps Elite 3E at Baker McKenzie

The worst kept secret in the history of law firm practice management/time and billing software replacements is about to be confirmed. A number of sources (including today's US edition of the Insider) have stated that Baker McKenzie has finally signed their contract to kick Elite Enterprise out the door and replace it with SAP (system of choice at Linklaters for some ten years now).

Although not unexpected, and a deal which has been a long time in the making, this will still be a crushing blow for our friends at Elite as they suffer the loss of not only a long standing and innovative Enterprise client (the biggest client in their stable), but also the loss of their biggest potential 3E client (not to mention the loss of 30 attendees at the annual conference).

Now that the news is out, it is a matter of sitting back and observing the project - one that will have numerous time and cost pressures no doubt in addition to significant feature and functionality challenges. We wish all the international teams at BM all the best over the next few years. Nil Sine Labore.

Anyone looking to jump in feet first as one of the project managers of this giant undertaking should check out the latest job specification

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