Thursday, January 21, 2010

Yet Another Attempt...UK Legal Technology Awards

Nothing really new or exciting in the list of winners (or indeed the short list or the categories themselves) from the latest attempt at a UK "gala" legal technology awards event which was held in London tonight.

This is the third or fourth attempt at being able to sustain such an event, with a number of organiser holding onto it for two to three years over the past decade before the realisation of a profit/demand/relevance issue.

The list of "winners" follows:

Best Green Initiative: Lawrence Graham LLP
Best New Product: Vuture Group – Vuture Vx
Best Value for Return on Investment: Mimecast
Best CRM Solution of the Year: LexisNexisInterAction
Best Legal Technology Event of the Year: International Legal Technology Association
Best IT Strategist of the Year: Abby Ewen, Simmons & Simmons
Best IT Team of the Year: Halliwells
Best Person of the Year: Peter Owen (Lights-On)
Best for Service Excellence: Mimecast
Best Project of the Year: Irwin Mitchell – LexisNexis

Good luck to Dan Brown and the team for their second year in 2011, and hats off for pulling at least something together.


Janders Dean Leadership Blog said...

In true technology innovator style, the organisers were going to Twitter throughout the night. Unfortunately they picked a venue that had no mobile signal. Lesson for 2011.

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0s0-Pa said...

Sure is interesting to see how electronic discovery technology continues to evolve over the years!