Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Legal Leadership Forum - Sydney

Janders Dean will be speaking at the Alphawest Legal Leadership Forum in Sydney (9th April 2010) on the topic of "The Evolution of Search and Retrieval Technologies - Inside Law Firms and Across The Real World". Attend this timely forum to hear Justin North explain how search and research technology can help law firms improve client relationship management, productivity and most importantly your lawyers’ needs. Topics covered will include:

* How search and retrieval technologies have evolved within the global law firm environment

* How search engines will be able to connect lawyers to documents that are conceptually related

* How to incorporate informal information into your current knowledge management system to help improve your client relationships

* The current state of the Enterprise Search market across law firms in the US, UK and Australia.

* The newly emerging applications, technologies and presentation/flotation designs and functionality which we can expect to see adopted in law firm applications in the future.

We're looking forward to seeing old friends and new when we land back in Sydney this April to share our experiences after a cold winter in London. Touch base with the team from Alphawest if you need access to the event, or drop us an email at the usual address.

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