Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Phenomenal Law Firm Time Capture (Not Just Recording) Tool

Just came back from a private viewing of the latest version of the APS DTE time capture tools and BlackBerry integration via the team at Phoenix in London.

The new features coming out are mind blowing, and will be a must see for those who still rely on the standard out of the box time entry features of their current practice management systems (this release does so much more than even the newer ones such as 3E) or the legacy Carpe application. See
here for the video.

We loved the fact that DTE InHand allows users to very intuitively bill calls telephone on the BlackBerry (as well as an option for billing email traffic), while also giving the lawyers a tool for generally updating their time recording history while out of the office (and not necessarily while in range of a signal).

Eversheds and LG are the latest firms to be running with this product, and we won't be surprised if more firms also go down this path (quite rapidly). Hats off to the APS and Phoenix teams for incorporating such a high level of user feedback into this new look, feel and functionality suite.

There is a public event for this being held for those in London on 11th March. See
here for details.

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