Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Allen & Overy KM Thoughts: "The End of 'Command Control' Approaches to Knowledge Management?"

A "food for thought" article from David Jabbari, Global Head of Knowledge Management, Allen & Overy LLP recently which was featured in Law Practice Today. It is worth reading and sharing.

Entitled the "The End of 'Command Control' Approaches to Knowledge Management?", it makes for good "water-cooler" content to discuss with your peers (more in relation to the structure and process pieces rather than the technology related pieces). The article can be sourced here.

We have invited Simon Gilchrist from Gilbert+Tobin and his practice group partners to provide a guest posting on this blog which is in some ways related to this where he discusses his innovative role change, and the firm's evolving approach to direct fee earner professional support. Stay tuned.

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