Friday, September 12, 2008

APAC Law Firm LinkedIn Groups Started

An increasing number of our LinkedIn contacts have started to utilise the application more after a short break - primarily given the advanced feature set associated with 'Groups' and the 'Discussion Forum' functionality has been released.

The wonderful Peter Campbell (CIO) has established an APAC specific Legal Technology Group this week, and we strongly recommend membership to it. Click this link to join.

The group consists of IT Directors, CIO's and technology department personnel from law firms that operate in Australia/Asia Pacific. It is a forum for sharing ideas on common issues facing people in Legal Technology. A similar group was established around the same time this week and for the same purpose; however after close collaboration with Miles, Peter, and Simon this has now been removed so that we can consolidate/combine these and avoid confusion.

Membership is open primarily to people who are in these roles (or have been in them) in law firms. Both Peter and Miles Ashcroft of Freehills will manage this group moving forward, and members are encouraged to utilise the discussion forums and networking features.

In addition to this group, an APAC Law Firm Knowledge Management Group has been created here. Simon Gilchrist of Gilbert+Tobin will be taking responsibility for this - particularly relevant for Simon to do so given the new and innovative knowledge intensive leadership role that the firm have entrusted to him. This group is to focus on the more traditional Knowledge Management fields; however cross over into technologies topics will no doubt occur. Charles carried a recent posting on the international versions here.

We encourage you to join both of these local APAC groups - we also suggest you join the international versions of these here (for Knowledge Management) and here (for IT). Each group takes about twenty seconds to join and requires no additional information from you. Peter, Simon, Miles and all those involved in the groups understand the value of these, and you can be sure that membership will be a positive experience for all.

So that is four groups we recommend you sign up to as soon as possible - the power of these groups comes from the size of the membership and utilisation of the discussion features - the APAC market is known for its positive collaboration and sharing across firms and peers, so get out there and enjoy.

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