Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Friday's Cocktail Leadership

Friday has come early this week, and as soon as we woke up (well actually every night and every day)...we knew that it is you we need, to take the blues away...good morning to all the Janders Dean sparkling clients and friends. Does it feel like Santa is coming?

Anyway...what an exhausting week at Janders Dean! Combined project and presentation work at four of our top clients has kept our heads busy and our feet sore. We're actually almost too exhausted for our regular Friday Cocktail Leadership posting.....yeah right.... so here we go (with a glass of the good stuff, and the resulting green fairy on our shoulder):

We've been busy with our friends up at King & Wood this week, and send a great thank you to Kim for her assistance with our trip. We've also spent time with the team at Freehills - who are making phenomenal progress on their development, design, testing and content streams. Big rewards are coming from Janders Dean in the form of a dedicated milestone cocktail event just for you!

You'll have noticed some rapid postings this week including an exclusive guest posting from David Fitch, news from G+T's practice floors on their blog, mention of an article on the evolution of managing knowledge and the knowledge department itself from Allen & Overy, and the promise of more guest postings.

We're also excited by the rapid increase in membership to the two new LinkedIn groups created last week with the assistance of Janders Dean - the APAC Law Firm Technology Group, and the APAC Law Firm Knowledge Management Group. Peter Campbell (CIO at Sparke Helmore) has kicked off the first discussion in the technology group with a topic on "Green IT" and his actions for the firm in this area. The thread has comments from Philip Scorgie at Deacons, Dylan James at DLA Phillips Fox and Richard Figar of Moray & Agnew, who all provide feedback on their actions.

The Janders Dean green innovation tip for this week is to get your hands on these groovy little batteries. They rock! Thanks to our friends at Innocent for putting us on to these. Now go grab some. Although Bevan doesn't know it yet (whoops) Janders Dean has just agreed to off-set all our international and domestic flights for the 2008/09 year which (for those of you who know our travel schedules) is not a small number of bad meals and plastic cutlery. Don't worry...Bevan will say yes to this if Justin finally gets that spreadsheet to him that he's been promising for many weeks.

The sun is about to set on the latest two day LawTech Awards & Legal Technology Conference event at Byron Bay today, with winners of the awards about to be released. We wish the team at Chilli all the best for this event, and thank them for their continued interest and energy in the APAC market. Oh....speaking of fun events....after our successful event at Zeta, the next exclusive Janders Dean client event is the ElBulli evening with Ferran AdriĆ  in Sydney. Don't say we don't love you!

Finally on the work related front, we wish Adam, Jennifer, Bernadette and the gang at TressCox all the very best as they go into their pre-migration 'black-out' period, and send a bravo out to Peter, Helen, Linda and the Sparke Helmore gang for their awesome focus group and persona work. Bravo! We also say 'buy some new clothes' to the big NYC birthday man from LNG.

So, what have you been up to? Did you enjoy last Friday's international "talk like a pirate day"? True. It was. This Friday is "walk to work" day. True. It is. So did you? Speaking of good causes, Pink Ribbon Day is coming up very soon. We send a massive hello to Cat and the original '07 Kokoda Chicks, and urge everyone to visit this link to learn more about the National Breast Cancer Foundation and Pink Ribbon Day (October 27th).

Did anyone notice that this Friday morning there seemed to be a bright, golden haze on the meadow? More like a Spark than a haze...we're off next week to live the life we imagined for a while. You should try it.
Enjoy the weekend. Enjoy life. Enjoy dreams. Enjoy imagination.

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