Monday, January 19, 2009

2009 Legal Technology Awards London

The count down is on for the international Legal Technology Awards event in London next week (January 29th 2009). OK, so it is not as exciting as a US Presidential Inauguration, but in that little niche which is international Legal IT it is a big deal each year.

Although there has been some concerns about the costs associated with attending such an event at a time when IT an KM budgets are shrinking, there is still great interest with organisers expecting another sold out event.

Concerns have also been raised about the number of awards, with 20 separate categories being created this year (which makes for a long night as we discovered last year). Thankfully the vendor awards are last - by the time these start to be announced the attention span of the audience (with the exception of the vendor personnel of course) has turned away from the stage.

Simmons & Simmons and Ashursts are front runners with multiple nominations, with Bird & Bird also worthy contenders for the IT Team of the Year award. Our friends at LDM are yet again up there showing a level of consistency over the years rarely seen.

Although one or two award 'regulars' can still clearly be seen on the short list, it is great to see newcomers edging out these out as the community becomes tired of the traditional award 'collectors' over time.

The full details of the short list can be found

No APAC firms are represented in the 'real' awards this year (although Thomson have submitted a self nomination citing the Maurice Blackburn project). This lack of entries is a move away from the norm and something which we trust will be rectified in 2010. Few US firms made the cut either this year.

Good luck to all, and special Janders Dean wishes to the Sam Suri table (which we hear will be the most coveted seats in the house)!

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