Thursday, January 22, 2009

Law Firm Technology News - Autonomy Makes Interwoven Bid

Autonomy has agreed to purchase Interwoven for $775 million. The deal is due to be completed by Q2 2009.

As the news is hot off the press, we have no confirmed information to hand as to how this impacts the enterprise search market, the Interwoven Universal Search product powered by Interwoven product partner Vivisimo, or the possibility of the (re)introduction of the Verity product (owned by Autonomy) into the Interwoven DMS.

This news (and the subsequent position of Interwoven/Autonomy on product integration and roadmaps) will need to be considered by those firms who are reviewing their options at present in relation to search.

We'll be working with the management of the companies concerned to clarify the various issues and positions for our clients in the coming days and weeks. More to follow.

Keep an eye on the community comments on Charles' site here for further postings from users in the UK market on this, and also on the corporate sites here and here.

There is also an impact on the Litigation Support markets given that Interwoven own DataMining and Autonomy owns Introspect.

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