Thursday, January 29, 2009

Autonomy Technical Information

Although we should not expect too much detailed information on product integration, roadmaps, etc until the deal is complete (thought to be Q2 2009), the obvious expectation is that the Interwoven document management system will be powered by the Autonomy IDOL search engine rather than the existing Verity or future Velocity (Vivisimo) products.

For those of you who want to review technical product information on the Autonomy IDOL product in the interim, and in preparation for the expected change, these technical documents may assist.

Autonomy Technology Whitepaper
Additional Technical Whitepapers (including security and MS SharePoint items)
IDOL 7 Server Technical Brief
IDOL Mobile Edition
IDOL Answer Product Brief
IDOL Echo Proactive Legal Protection Product Brief
Autonomy Taxonomy Generation Product Brief
Autonomy Taxonomy Libraries Product Brief

Also in preparation for a new set of terms and phrases, we should all start to get used to terms such as IDOL (Intelligent Data Operating Layer) and MBS (Meaning-Based Computing).

Here is an early interview from August 2006 found within where Autonomy founder Mike Lynch describes the theory of Meaning-Based Computing, and this link takes you to a pod cast from 2006 with Mike Lynch, Professor Kevin Werbach from Wharton and Knowledge at Wharton editor Mukul Pandya. Another article from the Wired archives on the topic can be sourced here.

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