Thursday, January 22, 2009

Friday's Cocktail Leadership

You look a little sad and down this Friday? What's the matter? The global financial crisis bugging you? Oh stop it. Here is something we've picked out of the bottom drawer to show you again just to cheer you up today (and to make you whistle while you work).

Remember this - if life seems jolly rotten, then there's something you've forgotten, and that's to laugh and smile and dance and sing!

We're not letting it get us down. What did you think we would do - change the name of the Friday posting from "Friday's Cocktail Leadership" to "Friday's Shared Can of Pre-Mixed Homebrand Spirits & Cola"?!?

Anyway...Happy New Year everyone! Welcome back to work! What did Santa (that's "Father Christmas" to all you posh folk) bring you?

In 2009 we pinky promise to continue being your optimistic and bouncy little pups in the world of law firm IT and KM. We'll keep serving our clients as best we know how - with experience, trust and expertise.

Our next Friday Cocktail Leadership posting will have lots of information about how we spent our time at the end of 2008, and tips to help you look on the bright side of life. Now go and have a cocktail and feel good about the fact that your spending is improving the economy.

We're thinking of buying a tank...

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