Wednesday, February 25, 2009

NSW Corporate Knowledge Management Roundtable

Janders Dean had the pleasure of being invited to join Nicole Bamforth (Director of Knowledge Management at Freehills) and George Freney of DWS to present on the highly successful Freehills Intranet project at the NSW Corporate Knowledge Management Roundtable event in Sydney yesterday.

Attendees (a mixture of knowledge and information management representatives from pharma, banking, defence, government, publishing and manufacturing industries) heard from Nicole on the Freehill's project formation phase and the unique design approach (which Janders Dean was fortunate enough to assist the firm with) in addition to discussing the agile development methodology which was so successfully executed with DWS and the Freehills development team to ensure a timely and cost effective Intranet launch.

There was a huge amount of interest from the audience on the different approaches engaged throughout the project, and significantly positive feedback from the attendees on both the way in which the site had no resemblance to a typical MS SharePoint site, and the "replacing traditional navigation and manual taxonomies with search" philosophy. Nicole's statistics on user search behaviours and activities in the first three weeks post go-live helped validate this latter point.

Many thanks to Nicole for inviting Janders Dean to join the discussion on the design, to the KMRT team for their hospitality (and the World Vision duck...which we have named eQuipy), and to George from DWS for his invaluable involvement.

For any firm looking to launch (or re-launch) their Intranet and/or general MS SharePoint information and/or knowledge management system projects, we would encourage you to seek out Nicole and the team from Freehills to look through not only the first release of the product, but also the way in which the project was planned and executed (and the second phase features currently under development).

Wiki wiki....that's all folks.

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