Thursday, February 12, 2009

Some Happy News!!

With all this depressing talk of redundancies, frozen salaries, shrinking bonuses and poor sales figures from software vendors, we've finally sourced some happy news for you.

Tomorrow is Friday! Yep, that's right - tomorrow is Friday and you can look forward to a few days away from the office. Great news!!

Our top tips for the weekend are to turn the blackberry off (we know you can do it...come one....that's it), turn the television off before the headlines come on, throw the newspapers in the bin without reading them, slap a massive smile on that face of yours, sleep in a little, tip your barista (even if you think your coffee is over priced), give at least one stranger and two friends an unsolicited compliment, and concentrate of living the life you imagined.

See you tomorrow you smiling happy people.

1 comment:

Jo said...

Well said! If you are in Victoria, Australia donate your time, money or needed household items to the Victorian Bushfire appeals and you are sure to have a good weekend and improve someone elses!