Wednesday, February 25, 2009

ouRSpace - ReedSmith Intranet Launch

Janders Dean was in London last week at the same time global giant ReedSmith launched their new and innovative ouRSpace Intranet to the firm with glowing reviews and feedback from the user community. We say 'wow'!

After an international rapid design process involving goal directed design techniques and newly evolved persona development methodologies (which Janders Dean was fortunate enough to assist the firm with), the final product was built in only four months on an MS SharePoint platform utilising a combination of new features and integrated technologies from XMLaw and others.

The ouRSpace Intranet has both a rich user interface and a phenomenal amount of content (both traditional and new media) which is sourced from across the firm's applications.

ReedSmith is another firm which is leading the way in relation to designing with a philosophy of "search over navigation", and have a unique integration with MS SharePoint, Recommind and Westlaw serving their knowledge management needs.

The features and functionality are too extensive to list, but needless to say, both statistical and anecdotal evidence indicates that users have been blown away with the significant shift from the firm's previous information and knowledge management interfaces.

Credit to Tom Baldwin and the ReedSmith project team, the internal communications team, the developers, and the firm's management for their deep involvement and sponsorship. Thanks also to the firm for allowing Janders Dean to be part of the fun and innovation!

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